Xingtai xingguo Kyanite manufacturing Co., LTD, formerly known as XingTaiXian Kyanite processing factory, founded in the 1980s, the company subordinate mineral resources is found in 1940s, had been a foreign peek, after the founding of new China, xingtai Kyanite once for China Kyanite industry make enormous contribution, however, because the enterprise management and technology is backward, in the late 1990s, after the government shut-down attract foreign investment, 2009 xingtai xingguo Kyanite manufacturing Co., LTD, the original takeover of pu enterprise restructuring, so far, more than 200 tons of xingtai Kyanite resources to become xingtai xingguo Kyanite manufacturing Co., LTD. A huge development support, 2010 company went into operation formally formulated Kyanite line running, when produced qualified high purity Kyanite products, blue aluminum content up to 60%, comparable with foreign high-end products, becoming China's lead, the world first-class products, and recalled high purity mica, quartz, emery etc. Nonmetal mineral, realized the Kyanite mineral resources comprehensive and intensive utilization, basic do not produce tailings, to achieve a truly green mining, green production, green development.

At present, the company has college or more employees accounting for more than 80%, bachelor, master staff 50% above 30% or more employees. The company and the United States Virginia, Beijing, tianjin, tangshan, xingtai many universities such as universities and research institutes form a Kyanite r&d team, continuously improve product class. In order to build China brand as soon as possible, purity Kyanite base introduced gradually the company development plan, the changing of xingtai xingguo Kyanite manufacture Co., LTD warmly welcome new and old friends visit and cooperation! Xingtai xingguo Kyanite manufacture Co., LTD warmly welcome friends to visit and investigation, sincerely hope that friends support and cooperation, our company strives for the survival by the quality beg the development with the prestige service for the purpose, and hope to establish long-term stable cooperative relations, welcome all customers, patronage, to discuss cooperation.