Nonmetallic mineral resources into the state's view
2011-3-25 source£ºwww.lanjingshi.com

Accompanied by the central government to the acceleration of mineral resources integration, has been "undervalued" non-metallic mining industry will have new development opportunity. Recently, China nonmetalliferous ore industry association director theory when accepting a reporter to interview with the central government, said to the deepening of the mineral resources integration, nonmetal mineral resources have been included in national direct management view. "From the central government on mineral resource integration trend of China mineral resources, one of three blocks of nonmetalliferous ore (metal, energy outside of the mineral resources)." the integration of speed will His theory to reporters. According to introducing, our country is the world nonmetalliferous ore resources relatively rich countries, in many varieties and reserves one. Nonmetallic minerals in proven, flake graphite, fluorite, bauxite, magnesite, from coal-series kaolinite and wollastonite, bentonite, talc and quartz 9 types of reserves in the world. "Over the last 50 years, the world non-metallic mining production value from 1950's 407 billion growth to 2000 $2,100, and that in 2020 can reach 4,000 billion dollars." Theory analysis, but because the rich resources, and make long mining industry in China open enough, nonmetal fine became instead "vulnerable group". In fact, the reporter noticed, with refractory clay, fluorite for beginning, nonmetalliferous ore industry integration trend is imminent.

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