2011 annual land mineral guard piece law enforcement inspection requirements
2011-3-25 source£ºwww.lanjingshi.com

On March 24th departments of land and resources on the video conference held a joint, deputy minister of land and resources to ÚO su annual land mineral guard piece by working request, law enforcement inspections around to earnestly strengthen leadership and active organization to push all the work and for overall health piece law enforcement inspection work creating good conditions.

2010 annual health piece enforcement inspection to check implement land condition of not only the first national coverage, will also of mineral resources exploration and development check realizing the nationwide coverage. Ministry of land and resources have related working specially issued a circular and work plan.

Ministry of land and resources officials pointed out that this year's health piece law enforcement inspection work task and responsibility is big, is a tough game. In the year 2010 all land alteration investigation and 163 a key national mining based remote sensing monitoring, verification work on plot and graph organization for illegal land spot, illegal exploration in mining mineral resources serious area the government principal heads in the warning, urged improvement and questioning strictly according to 15 dictate accountability illegal land serious area the government main leadership and other responsible leadership.

Additional as we have learned, 2009 annual land guard piece law enforcement inspection is nearing an end, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry, human resources social security are grasp to carry out the relevant accountability work. Then, three departments will 2009 annual examination results are summarized, and comprehensive land mineral guard deployment annual 2010 tablet enforcement inspection work.

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